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Eastern Blu will produce music for independent singers for registration onto the Eastern Blu Algorand Blockchain Ledger. EB will share Royalties with singers from licensing the songs.

Waisy Wang is EB first singer. EB will release her first Album entitled A Selection of POP in Dialects”. The songs are recorded in A Studio, Ho Chi Minh City, one of the very few state of art Analog recording studios in Asia. The album will be mastered and re-lease on vinyl record - preserving a true Analog to Analog process throughout. Each in-dividual song will be digitised at the highest resolution for license per song for streaming and will be released as MTV for Karaoke licensing. EB will produce the MTV for each song through her in-house video production unit.

Royalties payments from licensing will be accounted via the Algorand Blockchain and distributed directly to the singer and other royalty partners. The songs from the album are registered on the Beta site.

东新澜 化创作有限公(EB)

EB将给独 歌 录制歌曲,然后登记在


EB将与歌 分享歌曲的版权费。

王惠诗(Waisy) 是在EB旗下发 专辑的第 位歌 。

这张专辑的名称是经典 曲共赏(华,, 闽)

这些歌曲都在越南胡志明市的A Studio录制。这家录 室拥有 前在亚洲少有的最先进模拟录 设备。这张专辑将以 胶唱 的 式发 以保存原汁原味的模拟录 效果。

除此之外,每 歌也将以最 规格的数码解析度发放在适当的 乐流媒体播放平台. EB 也将利 公司的专业队伍为每 歌制作MTV 乐视频

版权费的发放将通过Algorand 区块链直接付给歌 和版权的拥有者。

这张专辑所录制的歌曲将在Beta 站注册。

Chinese NameHuishi Wang

English Name: Waisy


Place of Birth : China, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Year of Birth: 1995


When I was a kid, I liked dancing, but I persisted for a while and found that I was not suitable for dancing. By chance, my teacher helped me sign up for a singing competition. I won the first place in that singing competition, and since then I have more confidence in singing. I think that songs can express all emo-tions, no matter how happy you are, you can always find a suitable piece of mu-sic to express them. When you sing, it always brings me a kind of enjoyment.

Happiness. Being a singer has always been my wish, and I hope that one day my family can be proud of me”.

中 名 王惠诗

外 名 Waisy

国 籍中国

星座 狮 座

出 地 东省东莞市

出 期 1995


的时候,我很喜欢跳舞,可是坚持了 段时间发现 并不适合舞蹈。偶然的机会我的 师帮我报名了 次歌唱 赛,在那次歌唱 赛我拿了第 名,从此我对唱歌有了更多的 信。我认为歌曲能表达所有的情感, 论喜怒哀乐总能找到 合适的 乐来表达,唱歌的时候总能给我带来 种享受,可以让我感受到坚持 喜欢的事情 带来的快乐。做 名歌 ,是我 直以来的愿望,我希望有 天我的家 能够因为我 骄傲